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Google’s Android Pay is Safe, Fast, and Functional


The new payment platform Google has much to offer   The launch of Android Pay was one of the big announcements during the Google I / O 2015 , although we already knew the existence of the API from the MWC , so far it seems to look very well. The many great advantages of Android Pay are that after the initial configuration, you do not have to do more than unlock and pay. It creates a safe environment through technology called  ‘Host Emulation Cards’, that creates a virtual card that interacts with the payment system keeping your data protected. The fact that Android Pay operates at the level of an application programming interface allows developers to implement the system…
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New Phone by Lenovo is Capable of Turning Any Surface Into a Touchscreen


During the Lenovo Tech World Conference, the company announced their new phone called the Smart Cast which comes in with a built in Pico projector, which is a handheld projector as an accessory for mobile devices,  that allows the phone to use any flat surface as a keyboard. The Smart Cast also comes with a built-in gesture based control system. But a keyboard wasn’t the only thing was shown in the conference, some other demonstrations were shown of, like the phones capability of showing films on a flat surface or even a piano keyboard that can be played with little to no lag with the use of the gesture based…
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[Infographic] Statistics and Fun Facts About WhatsApp


WhatsApp  in just six years has become the largest instant messaging application, with full disclosure in the field and dominates among other major competitors that have appeared over time. During the short existence of this application  countless events have happened well worth mentioning is why  Shoponless  have prepared a great infographic that collects, if not all, the most important fun facts. Before you precede to read the information, it is important to mention that due to the recent purchase by Facebook, the fate of more than 800 million users of the app is somewhat uncertain.      With information Shoponless

iPhone Bug Is triggered By Recieving a Message


I must admit I do not use the application iMessage very much mainly because I hardly know how to use an iPhone, except for iPads, but the bug is sometimes made ​​present in iOS regardless of the device, especially if it is an app that is used in both devices. either case the bug applies to SMS messages. The bug is triggered when some characters are written both in iMessage and SMS, making the app close the phone and restart it. The good news is that these characters and symbols are Arabic, so it is not of common use if your not from a country that uses that language. Despite this, if…
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2 New Nexus Phones rumored to be Launched This Year


According to the rumor, Google will be releasing two new phones this year, but not the the new Nexus tablet. One of the new phones will be made by LG, which has currently been called the LG Angler which will come with a 5.2 inch screen. While the second phone, rumored to be released this year, will be manufactured by the growing Chinese company Huawei and has code named the phone Bullhead and will have a 5.7 inch screen. This rumor came to public attention when the Android police website mentioned it in a post, claiming that the rumor is very plausible and has a high percentage of being true….
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Chinese Companies Challenging Apple on its Home Turf


Multiple companies from China, who have had much success in selling smartphones, tablets and such in China and other countries have now seen the United States as a potential location to expand their negotiations. Currently Apple is leading the charge in the US market in smartphones but many companies are looking at knocking it down so companies like; Levono, Titan Huawei, and Xiaomi can have a shot at increasing their income. Currently Levono and Titan Huawei have been investing money in offering the products in stores around American and Xiaomi has been selling its low costing accessories online while stating that within a year it should begin to release their…
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US Senate Blocks Bill to Extend NSA Phone Data Collection


In resent date the US senate has blocked a bill that would have allowed the National Security Agency (NSA) to have the ability to better collect data from American citizens phones much easier then they current due. The current issue isn’t over yet as Senators have proposed that the subject should be continued open and reopen discussions in May 31 of this year. Though things to be in support against the side apposing the bill as the US appeals court has rendered the proposed bill as illegal as the US senate was also informed of the NSA spying scam on taking information from Americans’ phones before the bill was approved….
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Concept: iPhone Seven Edge


A concept that would be based on the design of the Galaxy S6 Edge.     People always accuse manufacturers that their designs are copied, and it causes many fights among fans. But the truth is that when it comes to concepts made ​​by fans, this problem does not reach the cuts and is a demonstration of the creativity of the designers which show his desires, as in the iPhone based on the design of the Galaxy S6 Edge . It is easy to see why in its construction is called iPhone 7 Edge , since the screen has no edges, has a notification system on one side, and is…
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Things to Know About the New LG G4


The LG G4 has recently hit stores, so if you where planning on buying a new smartphone you should give this article a read in order to know what type of variety of smartphones you’ve got in your hands. The new LG G4 has its own unique features and can stand its own ground when it comes to its competition, so here is some stuff that my interest you in possible giving the G4 a chance. One difference you’ll notice real quickly is the leather back of the phone, of course you can always buy the cheaper version that has a plastic back, it gives the phone a very unique…
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IOS 9: Leaked Features


  With just a couple of weeks before the famous conference WWDC 2015 Apple Hosts, there has been leaked information about the features that the new iteration of Apple’s mobile operating system, iOS 9 , integrates. While previously there was news about the first evidence of iOS in September with the release of the Phone 6, now this is the first report in a very good source in accordance with that comment from 9to5Mac,  of the features that we see in presentation, presumably during such conference Apple. There will be two areas where Apple would focus, the first is the performance since  the next-generation devices are benefited with new versions of IOS, the older generation…
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